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You've found your way to one of the best DEEP, MASCULINE voices in the U.S.A.


Don't believe me?

Take a listen to my demos and a scant selection of recent work!

I am a voice actor local to Columbus, Ohio with five years of experience voicing commercials for broadcast TV and radio, narration for audio books and e-learning, weather broadcasting, and as a local personality and host to numerous Columbus attractions and events. You may have heard me in ads for the Stratford Stride Bluegrass Festival, Cousin's Army Navy Surplus, or as host of GDEX and the Ready Player One Experience in 2018.


I began my career in the voice over industry training with Ron Allan of Big Voice Productions and continued my education with the Ohio Media School where I received a diploma for Media Production. Currently I operate out of my own studio, though often times I can be found on remote filming or recording locations.


I am also a regular play-by-play broadcaster for Esports tournaments at Game Arena in Hilliard, Ohio, and was a regular feature on Twitch with Next Level EDU for their Roll With It D&D live-sessions, and on some other shows intermittently. In my spare time I fancy myself and amateur author, and am an avid outdoorsman. I generally try to stay fit to keep up with the more active LARP communities I frequent, and most of my social media is filled with my best attempts at eating healthy, and eating well.


"His voice is like SEX and GRAVEL... I LOVE IT"

"Hey, its Club!"

"Hey! You're that guy; from that thing! I know you!"

On the occassion that I'm not busy...

I can be found on various social media exploring my creative side!

To the right here is my Instagram, which also serves as an intermittent update on what specifically I'm up-to.

If you don't care about that, but want to hear me act out my favorite scripts for free, check out my Soundcloud profile. 

Feel free to let me know what you think, or if there is a piece you'd like me to take a crack at narrating/performing. I'm always looking to improve, and am always looking for more material to stretch my abilities with!


And if you want to get in contact with me, simply fill out the form below!


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